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Medjool Date Palms For Sale! We Sell Date Pollen Too!

Measured and Priced by the Height of the Wood Trunk

Minimum charge for a date tree is $200.00. We also have date pollen available for $20.00 per ounce.

Here at Dateland Date Gardens we specialize in dates. We ship online orders for dates to customers all around the country and people travel across the desert to visit our beautiful date gardens and cool off with one of our “World Famous Date Shakes”.  Not only do we sell dates but we sell medjool date palm trees and date pollen too! If you are looking to grow and harvest your own dates then you know you are buying date trees from the best source available at Dateland's date farm and nursery.

We have several hundred healthy, hearty medjool date trees (not pups) that have all been removed from the parent tree, and they have been in the ground for a minimum of two years. Date trees take as much water as a willow tree, yet they cannot tolerate rain or humidity. That's why dates have to be grown in the hot desert, where our average rainfall is less then 3 inches per year, and our summer temperatures can reach in excess of 120 degrees.

Date trees can also be used for landscaping in hot, arid environments. The beautiful palms make for a great tropical touch. However, they do require a lot of work so we do not recommend date trees for a casual home owner that is looking for a maintenance free tree.

For more information about our date trees or to place your order, please feel free to contact our nursery manager at (928) 446-9332.  We are happy to answer any questions you have and to help you in any way possible. You can also refer to our “How Are Dates Grown” tutorial for more information on growing dates.

Date Palm Trees can be transplanted between February 1st and June 30th.

We Do Not Ship To California!

The following are just a few examples of trees that we have available for sale.  Please click on each one for more information and pricing.

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